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Rip Rap or Polyurethane Seawall Repair: Which Best Suits Your Shoreline Needs?


Are you looking for seawall repair for your residential or commercial property? When faced with the need to repair or reinforce a seawall, two standard options are Rip Rap or Polyurethane Seawall Repair. While both methods aim to protect and repair seawalls, polyurethane foam seawall repair has recently emerged as a popular alternative to rip rap repair.


Traditional Rip Rap Repair

Rip rap seawall repair is a traditional method that has been used for many decades. This type of seawall repair involves using large rocks or boulders placed along the shoreline in a layered formation. These rocks act as a barrier against the forces of waves and tides. Rip rap can be expensive due to the heavy stones, boulders, and equipment required. The use of heavy machinery and equipment used for rip rap can cause significant disruption to the surrounding area. 


What is Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane is an injectable polyol and isocyanate resin that expands in a foam when the compounds interact. Polyurethane foam can sustain a large load and be as hard as concrete when it cures. Polyurethane foam cures much faster than concrete. Concrete can take weeks before fully curing, whereas polyurethane foam takes 15 minutes. They are safe and are widely used in medical devices such as pacemakers, artificial hearts, and other blood-contacting applications. Therefore, you can rest assured that polyurethane foam is not harmful to humans or animals.


Why Select Polyurethane Foams for Your Seawall Repair?

Polyurethane injection is a method that involves injecting a specially-formulated resin into holes that are drilled into the seawall. Polyurethane foam is quickly becoming the mainstream way of handling seawall problems and has many advantages, including:

  • Polyurethane foam is environmentally safe. 
  • Polyurethane foam is lightweight and doesn’t require heavy equipment working on already compromised land. 
  • Polyurethane can be used in high-energy and low-energy wave environments. 
  • Polyurethane foam can be injected to fill and repair cracks in seawalls.
  • Polyurethane foams create a strong bond that reinforces the seawall and prevents water from penetrating. 
  • Polyurethane foam stabilizes soils by filling gaps and holes caused by water saturation with a water-resistant seal. 
  • It is a more flexible solution that can accommodate the movement of the seawall and provide a tighter seal against water penetration.
  • These foams are versatile enough to handle different types of seawalls.
  • Polyurethane injections can be a more affordable and cost-effective solution for seawall repair. 
  • Repairs are fast and may be completed in one day resulting in fewer interruptions at your property. 


The Importance of a Seawall

Seawalls protect property from erosion and flooding created by waves washing against the shoreline. They offer increased safety for those spending time along the shoreline. A seawall also helps maintain water depth. If you enjoy boating, fishing, and other water activities on your piece of the lake, maintaining adequate water depth is essential. Having a properly functioning seawall will allow more time to enjoy your property.


Have a Professional Inspection of Your Seawall

Choosing which seawall repair method is best depends on several factors. Having a professional inspect your seawall and having their knowledgeable advice will help you decide your best course of action. Your seawall must maintain structural integrity to protect your property against costly erosion and flooding. A company specializing in seawall construction and repairs can inspect your seawall’s safety and integrity, giving you peace of mind. Contact an expert to have your seawall professionally inspected for general wear, necessary maintenance, and any signs of significant damage. 


Why Choose RT Construction for Your Seawall Repair?

RT Construction has partnered with the Alchemy-Spetec network to protect residential and commercial properties from loss and damage along the shoreline. The professionals at RT Construction will ensure that your seawall is repaired correctly and protected against the damaging effects of waves and tides. We use polyurethane foams that react with moisture in the soil and expand to fill voids while they permeate the soil to form a solid, strong, and watertight mass to repair seawalls. These polyurethane foams seal cracks and defects, fill holes and stabilize the soil. Most repairs can be completed in less than a day!

RT Construction has completed residential and commercial projects in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, all with the same high level of precision and quality. With over 25 years of experience, we take pride in our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. If you live in the Lake of the Ozarks, call us at 573-261-5225 to schedule an inspection and free estimate.


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